Virtual Personal Training


*** Note: If you would like to train in person with Coach Shawn in Atlanta, GA, CLICK HERE! ***

If you are a new client be sure to check training availability prior to purchasing a VT package! CLICK HERE to submit your training request.

Coach Shawn's Virtual Personal Training Program allows clients to train with him 1-on-1 from afar! All sessions are conducted via video chat! His training programs are particularly challenging and developed to push your body to the next level from afar! If you are looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, increase energy, stamina, or performance, his virtual training program is a perfect fit for you! 

Gym memberships are not required! You have the option to train with Coach Shawn at your local gym, in the comforts of your home, or while on travel! All virtual training sessions are specifically tailored to match each client’s individual needs.

All clients will receive the following:

- 1-Hour Training Sessions

- Fitness Guide (bundle bookings only)

- Meal Guide (bundle bookings only)

- Supplement Recommendations

- Distant Coaching (ongoing guidance, and coaching outside of training sessions)

All coaching sessions are for one hour, and rendered via video. Clients are able to use a mobile devise such as phone or tablet to communicate during each session. Below are several training package options to choose from:   


VT Pack 6 / $80 per session

- 4 one hour sessions

   (4 week program)

VT Pack 5 / $80 per session

- 8 one hour sessions

   (4 week program)

VT Pack 4 / $75 per session

- 12 one hour sessions

   (4 week program)

VT Pack 3 / $75 per session

- 16 one hour sessions
   (4-6 week program)

VT Pack 2 / $70 per session

- 20 one hour sessions
   (4-6 week program)

VT Pack 1 / $70 per session

- 24 one hour sessions
   (4-6 week program)

Once your order is placed Coach Shawn will contact you within 24-hours (excluding Sundays and holidays), to schedule your coaching day(s) and time(s).

All sessions must be scheduled within 30-Days of purchase. vC Packs 1-3 sessions must all be scheduled within a 30-Day window. Sessions may be rescheduled if client provides at least 24-hour advance notice. All sells are final. Refunds and exchanges are not excepted.

Policy and prices are subject to change at any time.