Meet Shawn Stinson...

First 2x, Transgender Male (FTM), Bodybuilding Champion! (FITCON / 2014 & 2015)

Coach Shawn was born August 9, 1979 in Peoria, IL. Since High School, he has always been extremely athletic, and competitive. His first experience training individuals was while enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). He conducted several daily group physical training (PT) sessions, in addition to training Marines 1-on-1.

Long after he served 7 honorable years of service (1998-2005), in late 2013 he decided to make a career of health, and fitness. January, 2014 Coach Shawn began distant coaching clients online in addition to conducting personal, and group training sessions. To date he provides all his clients with fitness and meal guidance, supplement recommendations; and most importantly, results! He has an extensive clientele base, who all differ in age, gender, and fitness level.


Coach Shawn has successfully helped several people from all over the world change their lifestyle, making fitness and nutrition apart of their daily routine!