Terms & Conditions

Meal & Fitness Guides
Please allow 24-48 hours from the time you submit your order to receive your guide(s), and responses to all questions and request. Guides will be sent via email to the email address you provide during checkout. If you do not receive your guide or a response within 24-48 check your junk/spam mail. If you don't see a response there please CLICK HERE and submit a message, or email
: info@coachshawnfitness.com  

All guides are to be used independently. By purchasing program guides you agree to not hold the seller liable for illness or injury.

Distant Coaching

You have 30 days from the time your order was placed to activate distant coaching. If you do not activate distant coaching within 30 days of purchase your order will expire. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for expired orders. 

Personal Training & Distant Coaching

By engaging in Coach Shawn's Personal Training Program, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician or a health care professional before you begin. Furthermore you agree to discuss any physical, nutritional and supplement changes or concerns you may have regarding your health with a physician and or dietician before starting this program.

Coach Shawn 80/20 Fit nutrition and fitness programs are designed for educational purposes only, not to substitute or replace professional medical treatment, rehabilitation, advice, or diagnosis. The guides and supplements included in the training programs are to be used independently. By purchasing the program you agree not to hold the seller liable for illness or injury.

Rescheduling Bundle Sessions:

Sessions are non-refundable and are NOT subject to cancelation. If client does not show up for training the sessions will not be rescheduled. However, if Coach Shawn has availability, client may request to reschedule training sessions ONLY if the client notifies him at least 24 hours prior to scheduled training. "No show" notifications less than 24 hour window of training will not be rescheduled. Traffic jams are NOT an excuse.

Rescheduled training dates must be within the same month, and cannot roll over into the following month. Notification provided after the deadline (24 hours prior) will be considered a "missed training session" and is non-refundable. All request submitted by client to reschedule training session is a "request" only, not a guarantee.  

Sessions will be canceled if clients are late 15 minutes or more. Every minute clients are late (prior to the 15 minute deadline) will be deducted from scheduled the training time. 

Rescheduling Partner or Group Bundle Sessions:
Unlike "Bundle Sessions", Partner and Group Bundle sessions CANNOT be made up. For instance, if a client gives at least 24-hour advance notice that he/she will not be attending a "Partner or Group Bundle Session", they will NOT be able to reschedule the training session in the future. Reschedule request are strictly for "Bundle Sessions" only.

Refunds & Exchanges

All sells are final. Refunds and exchanges are not excepted for any products, or services.

Policy and prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.