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If you are looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, increase energy, stamina, or performance, "Coach Shawn's 80/20 Fit" Personal Training Program is a perfect fit for you! His training programs are open to all men, women, and children with diverse fitness goals.

Coach Shawn's 1-on-1 training, and group sessions are specifically tailored to match each client’s, or groups individual needs. His training programs are particularly challenging and developed to push your body to the next level! 


All clients will receive the following:


- 1-Hour Training Sessions

- Fitness Guide (bundle bookings only)

- Meal Guide (bundle bookings only)

- New Client Sign-Up Package📦 

(see gray section for details)

- Supplement Recommendations

- Distant Coaching (ongoing guidance, and coaching outside of training sessions)



The below prices are per session session. Gym and equipment is included:

🔺SINGLE Session Rate 

(no minimal booking requirement)

- $75 per session / per client

🔺BUNDLE Session Rates:


1 person / Minimum of 1 session per week 

(4-5 session minimum booking per month)

- $65 per session / per client


🔺PARTNER BUNDLE Session Rates:

2-4 people / Minimum of 1 session per week (4-5 session minimum booking per month)

- $55 per session / per client 


🔺GROUP BUNLDE Session Rates:

5+ people / Minimum of 1 session per week (4-5 session minimum booking per month)

- $45 per session / per client

*** “Session minimum” is the monthly  minimal booking requirement. ***

All sessions must be paid up front and in full at the time of booking. Partial payments are not excepted. Unless you are booking a “Single Session” all “Bundle Sessions” clients must book at least 1 session per week, averaging 4-5 sessions per month. 

Bundle sessions will be prorated, depending on how many weeks are remaining in the current month.  Clients may also be required to book the following month if the current month only has 1-2 weeks remaining. For example, If a client is requesting to book 1 session per week starting the 3rd week of the month they would also be required to book the following  month.


You have the option of booking more than one session per week, however, booking the same day(s) and time(s) every week is a requirement for Bundle Session Packages. For example, if you request to book "Saturday's at 1:30 PM” this will be your regular scheduled day and time  for the entire month. You have the option of changing your schedule if openings are available.


Training sessions are held in the following area. The physical gym address will be provided once sessions are paid for in full:

Atlanta, GA (Midtown)

Mon - Sat


Travel bookings are available! For a quote please submit your request below.

If you are ready to sign up, or ask questions about the personal training program, click the link at the end of this page. Be sure to include the following information in your message:

1. Age?

2.Gender or gender identity?

3. Where are you located?

4. What are your overall health, and fitness goals, why?

5. How many days per week would you like to train?

6. What day(s), and time(s) are you interested in training?

7. What DATE would you like to start?

8. How did you hear about me? If someone referred you, who?

CLICK HERE and submit your request in the "Contact" section.

**** Don't forget to answer the above questions in your message **** 

Policy and prices are subject to change at any time.