Coach Shawn's 80/20 Fitness Guides provide detailed information, and guidance, on how to attain your health and fitness goals without hiring a personal trainer or distant coach!

The three fitness guide categories are as follows:

- Lose Weight 

- Get Toned

- Get Ripped


Each of the above guides contain unlocked key information on how to burn excess body fat, build quality muscle, and get in the best shape of your life! The training encompasses thorough information about proper training fundamentals, stretching, understanding your body type, and supplement recommendation. Workouts include the following:


- Chest (separate workout for women who prefer not to train chest)

- Abs

- Biceps

- Back

- Shoulders

- Legs

- Low Intensity Cardio

- HIIT & Circuit Training



- Gym equipment is required for most exercises, unless you select the “No Gym Equipment Needed” option.

- Fitness guides will be provided via email, not shipped.