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Coach Shawn's 80/20 Distant Coaching Program is designed to help you attain your health and fitness goals from afar! This program offers daily coaching via email, monitoring your progress each day. Constant communication with Coach Shawn will hold you accountable for your actions, forcing you to stay on track, remain motivated, and achieve your health and fitness goals. Coach Shawn provides specific training, and nutritional guidance, that if followed properly, will drive your results through the roof!

Motivation and encouragement is key to successfully reaching all fitness and health goals. Coach Shawn's Distant Coaching Programs provide constant inspiration, reassurance, and much more! 

Package Options:

DC Pack 1 / $300

- Evaluation

- FREE Meal Guide

- FREE Workout Guide

- Product Recommendations

- 30-Day Coaching via email

DC Pack 2 / $225

- Evaluation

- FREE Meal Guide

- FREE Workout Guide

- Product Recommendations

- 21-Day Coaching via email

DC Pack 3 / $150

- Evaluation

- FREE Meal Guide

- FREE Workout Guide

- Product Recommendations

-14-Day Coaching via email

FREE Fitness Guide / (retail value $25):

Each guide contains unlocked key information on how to burn excess body fat, build quality muscle, and get in the best shape of your life! The training encompasses thorough information about proper training fundamentals, stretching, understanding your body type, and supplement recommendation. Workouts include the following:


- Chest (separate workout for women who prefer not to train chest)

- Abs

- Biceps

- Back

- Shoulders

- Legs

- Low Intensity Cardio

- HIIT & Circuit Training



Workout equipment is required for most exercises. However, while on the distant coaching program Coach Shawn will provide alternative workouts to clients with limited equipment access.


FREE Meal Guide / (retail value $25):

The key to seeing and feeling results requires 80% nutrition, and only 20% fitness! With the right meal guidance, discipline, and determination, you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals in a fair amount of time! All of Coach Shawn's 80/20 Fit Meal Guides include the following information:


- Nutrition facts about meal placement, calorie intake, portion size, and specific foods that will take your body to the next level.

- A formula and information that will help you determine how much protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats you need daily.

- A list of natural herbal teas to boost your immune system, burn excess body fat, relieve bloating, inflammation, and help rid your body of mucus.

- Explains the dangers of genetically modified foods, where they are located, and how they stop you from reaching your goals.

- Provides information about how to eat Alkaline, what foods are acidic, and what your body's pH levels should be.

- A detailed list of what foods are mucus forming, and should NOT be eaten.

- Information on the dangers of eating unnatural hybrid (man-made) fruits and vegetables, and how they stop you from reaching your goals.

- Provides result boosting seasonings, sweeteners, and oils to use for meal prepping.

- Includes a detailed meal plan for, weight loss, toning, or building muscle.

- Vegan, and vegetarian diet plan included.


- Fitness and Meal Guides will be provided via email, not shipped.