Spending countless hours in the gym will never totally help you accomplish your body goals. The key to seeing and feeling results requires 80% nutrition, and only 20% fitness! With the right meal guidance, discipline, and determination, you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals in a fair amount of time! All of Coach Shawn's 80/20 Fit Meal Guides include the following information:


- Nutrition facts about meal placement, calorie intake, portion size, and specific foods that will take your body to the next level.

- A formula and information that will help you determine how much protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats you need daily.

- A list of natural herbal teas to boost your immune system, burn excess body fat, relieve bloating, inflammation, and help rid your body of mucus.

- Explains the dangers of genetically modified foods, where they are located, and how they stop you from reaching your goals.

- Provides information about how to eat Alkaline, what foods are acidic, and what your body's pH levels should be.

- A detailed list of what foods are mucus forming, and should NOT be eaten.

- Information on the dangers of eating unnatural hybrid (man-made) fruits and vegetables, and how they stop you from reaching your goals.

- Provides result boosting seasonings, sweeteners, and oils to use for meal prepping.

- Includes a detailed meal plan for, weight loss, toning, or building muscle.

- Vegan, and vegetarian diet plan included.


Meal guides will be provided via email, not shipped.